Drawing in color, painting with line

DSCN0838 DSCN0834 DSCN0637 DSCN0292 DSCN0633 DSCN0914 DSCN0911 DSCN0913

The color images here are a few of the roughly 2 dozen that I’ve done recently on my deck in the morning sun. I’m posting them with some examples of drawing because the line can be blurred between drawing & painting, representational & abstract. I love both and I certainly don’t consider myself an “abstract artist”. It happens to be a large part of what I’m doing at the moment & I realize that I never knew as much about colors & how they work together as I do now. So it’s been an exciting journey that I’m continuing, and the energy of an abstract or mood image appeals to me greatly.

The variety of the weight of a line or smudge or mark in a drawing gives it that bounce and originality. How many times have you seen a drawing that is technically proficient but boring?  There’s a saying I heard many years ago that I’ve always liked that applies to most things; “whatever you do, don’t be boring”.  Doesn’t mean loud, crazy or chaotic, ( that has it’s place too) but interesting; what makes it different & unique?

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