These pastel drawings were mostly done in 2014, and a few from a year or two earlier. The immediacy of pastel appeals to me, and it’s not a medium I used much in the past.

As I overlap layers of color, or place one next to another I’m thinking of how it relates to the image as a whole. Will it create too similar a tone in that section of the picture and draw the eye, interrupting the balance? Does the combination of shape & tone create peace, or excitement?

Many of my images evolve without very much formal planning; I’ll have an idea of the color theme and the forms; beyond that I let instinct take over. I am however gravitating toward a couple of regular slightly more structured themes in my newer work, where Iexport_DSC_6503 export_DSC_6515 export_DSC_6509 export_DSC_6506 export_DSC_6540 export_DSC_6537 export_DSC_6530 export_DSC_6526 export_DSC_6522 export_DSC_6515 export_DSC_6561 export_DSC_6558 export_DSC_6553 export_DSC_6548 export_DSC_6540 export_DSC_6597 export_DSC_6595 export_DSC_6592 export_DSC_6585 export_DSC_6581 export_DSC_6569 export_DSC_6498 export_DSC_6489 export_DSC_6484 export_DSC_6481 export_DSC_6476 export_DSC_6472 export_DSC_6461 export_DSC_6456 export_DSC_6454 export_DSC_6448 export_DSC_6441 export_DSC_6436 am creating a series of related pictures in varying color.

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